Safety Accreditations

At the heart of everything we do

At each customer site we visit, Apex conducts a JOB SITE HAZARD ASSESSMENT that is efficiently operated within our proprietary job management system to determine that every action is taken in complete safety. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to streamline the processes whilst ensuring the utmost in risk assessment and mitigation. By keeping safety at the heart of what we do, we remain efficient now and into the future, as we are increasingly adapting to grow and improve.

Proven qualifications; expert workmanship

Completing work to the highest standards of safety means that you can rest assured of the quality of our work while aiming to operate with efficiency. We do not cut corners. We strive to do tasks once, and ensure they are right the first time. Our highly qualified team conducts all HVAC, refrigeration and mechanical repairs; our installations and maintenance are held to the highest standards of workmanship across the board.

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